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Cavrnus Spatial Connector for Unreal Engine & Unity

Drag-and-drop Collaboration.

Cavrnus revolutionizes 3D workflows by allowing you to easily drop the collaboration features you need, right into your UE or Unity project.


At the core of our platform is the Journal, where all interactions are logged in time, creating a complete time series / history of events that you can access through our powerful APIs for analytics and custom integrations.

Multi-user Copresence

Collaborate inside your application. Sync any type of data across users and platforms in real time, enabling for new ways to work and interact.

Robust Voice and Video

Enable High performance, low latency voice, video and screen sharing capabilities completely out-of-the-box, powered by WebRTC technology.

Flexible Deployment

Access the platform from our hosted cloud or run it on your custom environment (Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises) for specific enterprise needs.

Quick Start, Unlimited Extensibility

Cavrnus works with your existing project, and scales up with your needs. Get started in minutes with our pre-built components, and customize its features for your own tailored solutions.

Cross Device

Deploy everywhere with Unity (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, AR/VR, visionOS and more). Push the limits with Unreal Engine on Windows (macOS, iOS, and Android coming soon).

The Cavrnus Journal

A historical record of everything.

The Journal is where all of your interactions are logged and kept synchronized. It’s what allows for our blazingly fast, persistent collaboration features. You can watch the data in real time from the Cavrnus Management Console.

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Cavrnus Collaboration on Apple Vision Pro

visionOS™ Ready.

Add multi-user collaboration to your spatial app in minutes with the Cavrnus Spatial Connector and deploy to Apple Vision Pro™.

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Real-World Applications

Learn how Cavrnus is transforming workflows across industries.

Product Design & Configurators

Tweak components, materials and finishes with colleagues in a shared virtual model, or present customized options to clients in immersive experiences, all while video conferencing and sharing feedback seamlessly.

Digital Twins

Unlock the full potential of digital twins, transforming them from static representations into dynamic platforms for real-time interaction and collaboration, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.


Create more engaging, efficient, and effective experiences. Increase knowledge retention by creating simulations that can be practiced until learned.

Industrial Metaverse

Cavrnus powers the industrial metaverse, providing seamless interaction, knowledge sharing, and real-time data analysis.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Real-time collaboration enables faster design decisions and quicker turnaround times. Allow clients to participate in the design process remotely and present interactive models to stakeholders without any coding.

Space Planning

Experience reduced costs and risks through virtual prototyping, faster design iterations with real-time feedback, and improved customer experience through layouts that are both visually appealing and designed to drive sales.

Built for Enterprise

Our enterprise-first platform offers a range of features for large-scale and complex 3D projects.

Advanced Security

All of your data is end-to-end encrypted on our platform. With our Virtual Private Cloud option, you can add extra layers of protection.

Enterprise Authentication

Use your preferred authentication solution: MFA, Single Sign-On, SAML, Active Directory with LDAP, and more.

Roles and Policies

Use the Cavrnus Management Console to manage users, licenses, guest link access, and more.


Run the platform from your own managed environment for ultimate control and flexibility.

What businesses are saying

Cavrnus has transformed the way we work on our 3D projects. We can collaborate with our clients and partners in real time, and make changes on the fly. It’s fast, easy, and reliable.

Theia Logo
Bill Fishkin
Co-Founder & CEO - Theia

Cavrnus is the best collaboration platform for 3D projects. It has all the features needed for 3D architecture and engineering projects. It saves us time, money, and speed to decision.

Judd Payne
President - IDEA

In our effort to develop a metaverse tailored for the VeVe community, we explored numerous platforms. Cavrnus emerged as the definitive choice. Its simplicity and extensibility provided the ability to get started quickly while still delivering the capabilities that our community expects.

Daniel Crothers
Co-Founder - VeVe
Trusted by leading innovative companies around the world.

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