The Cavrnus™ Platform

The Cavrnus Platform is your one-stop shop to creating and sharing next-level multi-person spatial internet experiences.

Metaverse must haves!
Built-in voice, video streaming and screen share.
Seamless multi-person presence.
Powerful persistence.

Technological solutions for total transformation.

The Cavrnus Platform comes with two out-of-the-box software solutions to power your shared reality experiences with stunning visuals, on any device, anywhere and at any scale.

Cavrnus Starter for free is here!
Make shared reality your way.

Start developing today on your own domain with the Cavrnus Native Applications or Cavrnus Metaverse Connector for Unreal Engine, or mix-and-match the solutions  to serve all of your metaverse needs.

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The skybox is your only limit!

Play the use case video and glimpse into what spatial applications look like when built and shared with Cavrnus. The internet is ready for your connected 3D vision, and Cavrnus is your spatial tool to transform your story, brand, product, team or community!

White label

Your brand deserves its own home on the spatial internet. Cavrnus white label allows you to make your metaverse the digital embodiment of your brand and its values for employees, partners and customers. From logos and colors to roles and policies-specific UI, plus the dynamic content and diverse community you add, this white label shared reality is 100% yours.

Roles and policies

Customize your users' Cavrnus experience with the powerful, platform-wide roles and policies system. Create and assign roles at the Organization level. Manage roles in every space, from easily adding members to quickly removing them. Role UI changes are instantly enforced.

Enterprise security

All data—voice, video and files—is end-to-end encrypted on the Cavrnus Cloud™. For extra control, install the complete platform on your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or On-premises environment.

Guests and visitors

What is a shared reality without anyone to experience it with? Cavrnus offers tiers of concurrent users to fill your metaverse destinations with your target audiences and communities.

The Cavrnus Platform

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