Build your vision of shared reality with Cavrnus, the only platform with the features that enable transformative and multi-functional immersive experiences.

Unity + Unreal Engine only with Cavrnus.

Your workflow is as unique are your spatial vision. Cavrnus saves you time and effort by seamlessly integrating with both Unity and Unreal Engine.

Powerful features to help you deploy metaverses at scale.

Custom domain hosting

Host your own custom domain for your metaverse destinations. Imagine a traditional web hosting offering but your actual metaverse domain.

White label option

Utilize branded experiences to the max with special white label options. Make your metaverse hub your own fueled by the Cavrnus platform.

Easily manage people, spaces and content

Utilize the administrator portal to manage users, licenses, spaces, guest link access, the Cavrnus Platform SDK and much more.

Ingest 40+ 2D and 3D file types

Content is instantly enhanced with our open .holo format, which allows for the addition of persistent changes, animations, typescript-powered interactivity and annotations.

Cavrnus™ Cloud icon.
Cavrnus™ Cloud

All data—voice, video and files—are fully encrypted in-transit and when stored in the Cavrnus™ Cloud offering enterprise-grade security.

Icon to represent Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises feature.
Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises

Cavrnus offers a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or On-premises installation on your own network for the ultimate level of data and network control.

SDK and API pipeline integrations

The Cavrnus Platform SDK makes it easy to create external applications via APIs that interact directly with Cavrnus and integrate existing content workflows.

Cavrnus Creation Toolkit™

Place the power of imagination into the skilled hands of metaverse creators everywhere with Holoscripting™, properties, particles and journal.

Cavrnus Metaverse Connector™ for Unreal Engine

Instantly and easily connect Unreal Engine applications or projects into the metaverse with our no-code/low-code plugin.

Experience Links™

Visitors instantly access a space from any device or platform on the spatial internet.

Cavrnus Streaming™

Deploy anywhere over the Internet without any friction with full page or embeddable metaverse experiences accessible by any web browser.

Analytics information

Access the analytics level of your experiences to better understand your metaverse experiences, track insights and more.

Bring all new life and power to metaverse experiences.

Give Clear Voice to Your People. Let Creativity Stream at 30fps.

WebRTC enables seamless high-quality voice, screen share and video streaming across all platforms and devices. Create true-to-life connection in real-time while streaming any content from multiple sources simultaneously into a space.

Streaming surfaces include screens built into an environment, stream boards, and a special stream material that can be applied to any object or avatar. Cavrnus bolsters a true sense of presence that helps inspire unifying interactions.

With support for virtual cameras and virtual cables, Cavrnus comes with complete virtual production studio tools! Use the proprietary Holocam to capture real-time video or to set up virtual cameras for livestreams or recordings.

Be Fully Present in any Spatial Context.

Draw or type annotations directly onto 3D objects and boards to capture key thoughts and decisions. Share perspectives, virtually together while physically apart, employing intuitive collaboration tools such as a tape measure and a laser pointer.

Capture ideas on virtual whiteboards. Add text notes and image notes for that in-person feel. Cavrnus makes it easy to find new ways to grow connections and shared experiences in the metaverse with built-in collaboration tools easily accessible via any device or platform.

Expand your reach. Invite guests to join you in Cavrnus with a guest link. Shrink borders with real-time translation of text inputs and annotations into 40+ languages. When it’s better to type it than to say it, there is always Cavrnus Chat™ which allows chat communication.

Create and Manage Your Corner of the Metaverse.

Valued assets populate a shared content library. Easily add files, share files with the whole company or by group, and delete files from storage. Insert content into any space and activate AR on a tablet to connect the physical and digital worlds, all in an instant.

Create spaces that serve your distinct needs. Import CAD or 3D scans as an environments, quickly set boundaries and behaviors, and share custom templates. To instantly change the vibe of your metaverse, give it a new sky by adjusting your Cavrnus Skybox.

Multiple avatars to personalize from, including streaming 2D Chromatars™, or upload custom 3D avatars. With the new-Cavrnus Creation Toolkit, support for rigged avatars and an all-new Ready Player Me integration is available for your RPM digital representation in any Cavrnus metaverse.

Explore all of the features.

Intuitive tools allow your people to shape Cavrnus to their needs, to find new insights, grow connections and shared experiences in the metaverse.

NFTs and Blockchain

Build your Web3 experience on Cavrnus by integrating your preferred blockchains and wallets for identity and digital assets.

Up to 25 people in a space

Host up to 25 concurrent people with spatial co-presence or web-based videoconferencing.

Cavrnus Chat™

For instant text communication and to make sharing hyperlinks easy, Cavrnus comes with Cavrnus Chat. Receive notifications and communicate in real-time.

AR Features

AR features that connect worlds including “See What I See AR Overlay Streaming” and multi-tracker support. Connect any Cavrnus metaverse destination into a hybrid experience with powerful AR tracking.

VR Movement

Enjoy 5 best-of-class VR movements—teleport, look to walk, point to walk, look to fly, point to fly—using only 1 controller!

Guest links

Share your metaverse destination via Guest Links which allows you to customize the duration period of the active guest link making it easy for guests to join your metaverse experience.

Create custom environments and spaces

Create custom environments and share with your co-creators! Cavrnus makes it easy to duplicate, archive, delete and create any metaverse space templates.

Multiple avatars to choose from

Multiple avatars to personalize from, including streaming 2D Chromatars™, Ready Player Me avatars or upload custom 3D avatars.

Cavrnus default content

The Cavrnus platform comes with out-of-the-box Cavrnus default content which you can instantly import into your metaverse destination. This includes particles, dynamic lighting, .HoloCam and much more.

Real-time translation of text inputs and annotations into 40+ languages

Invite guests to join you in Cavrnus with a guest link. Shrink borders with real-time translation of text inputs and annotations into 40+ languages.

Network Efficiency

The Cavrnus platform makes fast load times and efficient data processing possible with network efficiency.

Memory optimization

The Cavrnus platform involves smart memory optimization for content storage.

Dynamic loading

Every asset is downloaded from the Cavrnus Cloud and can change in real-time with persistence.

Active Directory with LDAP

Use your preferred authentication built into the platform.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add a multi-factor authentication to your login process.

Single Sign-on

Add single-sign on to your login process.