Cavrnus Metaverse Connector™

The Cavrnus Metaverse Connector for Unreal Engine instantly and easily connects your application to the Cavrnus Platform. Enable true-to-life metaverse experiences or use Unreal Editor as a multi-user collaboration tool with our no-code/low-code plugin.

This low-code plugin is compatible with all Unreal Engine features & functions:

  • Pixel streaming
  • Ray tracing
  • Path tracing
  • Metahumans
  • UE4 and UE5 Mannequins
  • Level Streaming
  • Open Level
  • 3rd Party Plugins

Applications for scale.

Now that you’ve deployed your metaverse experience, manage and monetize it as a Cloud or On-Premise solution, with the complete power of the Cavrnus Platform to authenticate users, store and change persistent data, control access to spaces and content, and so much more.

Metaverse experience building

Brands already building content in Unreal Engine can join in real-time to collaborate and get perspective in the spatial context of the metaverse. If you are looking for the best solution for interoperable metaverse destinations that scale and shape to your needs, add on the layer of the Cavrnus Platform to your Unreal Engine projects.

Game Development

Application developers may choose to add Holoscripting with the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit to bring interaction to the next level, transforming the next generation of storytelling for immersive games, physical and digital hybrid experientials experiences, interactive world building and more.

Immersive hybrid events

Application developers can use the Cavrnus Platform SDK and powerful journaling system to integrate robust iOT data for digital twin showrooms or can access the private cloud network for extra security key while running training simulations for example.

Styling & Design

For those using Unreal Engine for styling & design, now you can take your work into a living metaverse experience where you can invite other designers, collaborators or your clients. You can build your metaverse destination to fit your needs all with the instant plugin and power of the Cavrnus platform.

Virtual Production and Production Planning

Unreal Engine developers in virtual production workflows can save time on pre-production by connecting the Cavrnus Metaverse Connector. The instant plugin easily connects your studio into a multi-person, co-present, persistent place where you can even integrate IoT data for lighting and more.

Digital Content Creation - Animation, Visual Effects (FX)

Creators in digital content creation and animation, visual effects (FX) workflows can also benefit from real-time collaboration and dynamic content creation. The power of the Cavrnus platform allows you to create once and publish everywhere saving time on multi-device cross-platform content.

Architecture Visualization

Add a layer of communication for client walkthroughs of interior design, construction review, floorplan review and more. Tap into the power of the photorealism of Epic's Unreal Engine, for architecture use cases and benefit from the collaboration and customized visualization journey for clients.


Powerful features to help you deploy metaverses at scale.

Custom domain hosting

Host your own custom domain for your metaverse destinations. Imagine a traditional web hosting offering but your actual metaverse domain.

White label option

Utilize branded experiences to the max with special white label options. Make your metaverse hub your own fueled by the Cavrnus platform.

Easily manage people, spaces and content

Utilize the administrator portal to manage users, licenses, spaces, guest link access, the Cavrnus Platform SDK and much more.

Ingest 40+ 2D and 3D file types

Content is instantly enhanced with our open .holo format, which allows for the addition of persistent changes, animations, typescript-powered interactivity and annotations.

Cavrnus™ Cloud icon.
Cavrnus™ Cloud

All data—voice, video and files—are fully encrypted in-transit and when stored in the Cavrnus™ Cloud offering enterprise-grade security.

Icon to represent Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises feature.
Virtual Private Cloud or On-premises

Cavrnus offers a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or On-premises installation on your own network for the ultimate level of data and network control.

SDK and API pipeline integrations

The Cavrnus Platform SDK makes it easy to create external applications via APIs that interact directly with Cavrnus and integrate existing content workflows.

Cavrnus Creation Toolkit™

Place the power of imagination into the skilled hands of metaverse creators everywhere with Holoscripting™, properties, particles and journal.

Cavrnus Metaverse Connector™ for Unreal Engine

Instantly and easily connect Unreal Engine applications or projects into the metaverse with our no-code/low-code plugin.

Experience Links™

Visitors instantly access a space from any device or platform on the spatial internet.

Cavrnus Streaming™

Deploy anywhere over the Internet without any friction with full page or embeddable metaverse experiences accessible by any web browser.

Analytics information

Access the analytics level of your experiences to better understand your metaverse experiences, track insights and more.