May 10, 2022

XR Innovators Worth Watching in 2022.

Demand for extended reality is growing at an incredible pace.

Currently, the virtual reality market is growing at a rate of 44.84% CAGR, towards a value of $84.09 billion in 2028. The market for augmented and mixed reality is equally impressive, growing at a rate of 43.8%, to a projected value of $340.16 billion by 2028.

Clearly, the age of immersive technology, enhanced by the promise of new opportunities in things like the metaverse and the age of distributed content. While there are countless examples of how amazing companies are introducing us to the abilities of XR today, some innovators are making more waves than most.

Here are some excellent examples of innovators to watch in 2022, many of which feature at XR Today’s XR Awards 2022.