August 27, 2020

Technology to Save the Day: Augmented and Virtual Reality.

A large ecosystem of partners is working directly with customers on specific and proprietary workflows. Here is a list of partners with interesting applications: SimInsights, Cavrnus, Mindesk, Sphere, Exxar, Masters of Pie.

Actually being there for a design review? That’s so overrated.

Individuals and businesses have had to adjust to the pandemic. Those lucky enough to have escaped the virus still have to deal with its effect. Gyms, restaurants, retail stores and salons have all needed to close, reopen, and make adjustments. Engineers faced with the pandemic have their own issues.

All the beliefs we took for granted about working at a business have been shaken—our methods and processes shattered. For example, not too long ago, if you had a problem you could not solve, you popped into your mentor’s office. If you wanted to know how the machinists can’t hold a 0.005-inch tolerance on a critical dimension, you paid a visit to the machine shop with the offending part in one hand and a digital caliper in the other. If you wanted to conduct a design review, you booked a conference room. Now that COVID-19 separates us from everyone we have to work with, what do we do?