May 11, 2021

Cavrnus Review: Made for Designers, But Ready for More.

A user-friendly XR collaboration and simulation platform for the enterprise.

Founded in 2016, Cavrnus is an end-to-end virtual collaboration solution for companies looking to switch to VR. It covers important use cases like employee training, ops management, facility planning, product engineering, sales, and corporate education, providing a truly complete value proposition.  

Its target audience is any company engaging in physical product design with 3D visualisation requirements – we’d predict a large potential user base in engineering, manufacturing, and the public sector. Here is a quick review of the Cavrnus platform, and a rundown of its most differentiating features.  

Cavrnus is a platform for “spatial simulation and collaboration” which means that you can not only talk to your colleagues on Cavrnus, but you can also build/create together.  Here are the features that make this possible.