January 4, 2022

Cavrnus announces 2022.1.0 release of its Extended Reality collaboration platform.

Cavrnus, Inc., a provider of extended reality (XR) solutions for enterprise, has announced the release of a new production build of its platform with Cavrnus 2022.1 to enable its most human and life-like multi-person metaverse experiences yet.

Updates to the Cavrnus render pipeline, and all of the platform’s materials, allow Cavrnus to deliver realistic lights and shadows that can help to bring any metaverse–such as virtual product showrooms, training simulations, or NFT galleries–to life, according to the company. Improvements to the SDK, including fully-featured plug-ins for Unity and Unreal Engine, also now make it easier for enterprises, brands, and creators to design, build, share, and experience their own versions of the metaverse.